Thunder ship Mr. Geek, LeMahieu to Glovers for in 6-player deal

Torre, Willis headed to Thunder

Let the real stats-compiled stats discussion continue.

The Rolling Thuder have traded Mr. Geek, D.J. LeMahieu and Gregg Olson to the Golden Glovers for Dontrelle Willis, Joe Torre and Kaz Sasaki as both teams are looking to find new homes and maybe new results for a handful of players.


The Glovers have been disappointed by Joe Torre, who is hitting just .262 with six RBI, but the Thunder see some big potential in his real life .363 average and 24 home runs to help give his offense a jolt. LeMahieu has had a solid season hitting .285 with 17 RBI.

Meanwhile, the Thunder are intrigued by Willis and Sasaki to give his pitching staff an upgrade. The Glovers hope that Mr. Geek, who is still seeking his first win at 0-2, 6.55 ERA, can be just as good as Darin Darst and Jose Marina since they have the same exact stats!

Sasaki, who has been a nice surprise with a 1.91 ERA and 49 strikeouts in 28 innings, goes to the Thunder for Olson (2-2, 2.89 ERA) to complete the trade.


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